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Tune into Your Body's Wisdom

Tune into Your Body's Wisdom


Time: Saturday 11am

Room: Gayatri

Facilitator: Nahlana Kreshnan

Our body is constantly giving us messages, in the form of well-being, lightness and expansion OR aches, pains, ailments, skin issues, all kinds of discomfort in the body. The body also helps us by ‘warning’ us, about decisions, situations or people. This can be your intuition or gut feeling which may come in the form of an inner voice or your body may ‘talk’ to you by becoming heavy or constricted. Unfortunately, sometimes we do not ‘hear’ our body when it nudges or even when it screams. When we are overwhelmed mentally, our mind and body shuts down and we function in a robotic, habitual way. Somatic Experiencing is a technique that helps you to shift all the blocks in your nervous system which then allows for more ‘space’ or capacity. When your nervous system has capacity, it is able to withstand challenges as well as give you signals about impending danger. Come to learn simple tools on how to move the stress through your body and to make ‘space’ in your nervous system for ultimate mental, emotional and physical balance. Wear anything that makes you feel relaxed and comfortable. Bring red and blue colored pens.