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Yoga for Children and Families

Yoga for Children and Families

Chiang Mai

Time: Sunday 11am

Room: Shakti

Facilitator: Rosalie Wilmot

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Yoga for Children and Families is a special look into translating the world of yoga in a child-friendly way. This class is designed to help children and their caretakers unwind and explore the principles of yoga in a dynamic and connecting manner. We will incorporate playful asana movement that will increase strength and flexibility of the body and mind while developing community, connection and concentration. Through storytelling, song and chant we also incorporate the creative side of a mindful practice and encourage participation and co-creation. Basic pranayama practices for self-regulation and stress management along with symbiotic partner poses help round out a holistic practice the whole family can enjoy. Parents along with children 3-12 are welcome to come along for this yogic journey. No previous experience is required to attend. Please come with an open mind, wear clothing appropriate for basic movement and bring a water bottle.