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Time: Sunday 11am

Room: Gayatri

Facilitator: Self Craft

Communication is the wild, lifeblood of human connection. We communicate to share our hearts and minds. We communicate to commune and connect. Voice for Love illuminates a range of inner and outer dynamics that are at play in any communication. This work offers you a compass for honest, open and transparent communication with everyone from your lover to your friends and family. In our time together we will explore a range of transformational principles and practices such as: ~ HOT communication -practice three key principles of conscious communication: Honesty, Openness and Transparency. ~ Eye talk - experience the role of the eyes in awakened communication. ~ Levels of listening - play with five levels of listening to deepen your capacity to truly hear, understand and support others. Principles of inquiry - learn to stimulate deep connection through quality questions ~ ReCreation Conversations - experiment with radical responsibility and transform even the most stuck dynamics. ~ Heart of Love - practice acknowledgment, gratitude and the art of possibility to amplify love in your most treasured relationships. For all participants, Voice for Love will build bridges between your heart, your mind, and your mouth. It will deepen your experience of intimate connection and help you to communicate in alignment with your deepest values and truth. For therapists and coaches, you will leave with an expanded toolkit to also support those you serve in wonderfully practical and deeply transformational ways.