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The voice within - A voice healing session

The voice within - A voice healing session

Chiang Mai

Time: Saturday 1pm

Room: Shakti

Facilitator: Anetta Andersen

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Sound is vibration and it works with your body on a cellular level. I use my voice initiative to connect with you! We will start the workshop with simple breathing exercises where everyone is invited to participate, I will then follow up with some very simple exercises for everyone to open up their throat & heart chakra. We will end the workshop with a meditation where everyone is invited to lay down and receive the voice healing. I will say the workshop is appropriate for everyone. For the voice healing meditation you will be laying down to receive the voice healing so you might want to bring a yoga mat and/or a pillow to be more comfortable. I can not guarantee what exactly each and everyone will gain from this workshop! The sound will work on a cellular level, working through your chakras clearing and releasing what your body is holding on to that is no longer serving you in the best way possible. The more you are open for the sound to go through your body and work, the more you release! For me music is everything. It has a way of connecting with all my emotions and making me feel secure and calm. My voice makes me feel that I belong and have a purpose here in this life I am so thankful that I get the opportunity to share it with you.