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The Tumultuous 2020s: Prophecies and Advice

The Tumultuous 2020s: Prophecies and Advice


Time: Sunday 12pm

Room: Gayatri

Facilitator: Benjamin Butler

Futurist Benjamin J Butler is a modern day see-er, gifted with the ability to see the unseen, and quite often around corners into the uncertainty of the future. He will help inspire and prepare us for the decade ahead as humanity faces revolutionary times. Covering a dazzling array of topics - from technology and economics to climate change and spirituality - he will give you some glimpses of what is ahead and how you can navigate this time of great change, Expect quite a unique odyssey into the future with someone who, on the one hand has addressed the United Nations and World Economic Forum, and on the other hand spends time with monks, gurus and even the Dalai Lama’s Oracles. What to Bring: an open mind and lots of questions about human odyssey.