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SUPERFOOD & ADAPTOGENS How to biohack yourself!

SUPERFOOD & ADAPTOGENS How to biohack yourself!


Time: Sunday 2.30pm

Room: Gayatri

Facilitator: Olga Vita

How to become stronger than urban stressors, feel calm yet focused, improve immune defenses and optimize mind-body performance For those who search healthy lifestyle solutions in a vibrant, yet hectic and polluted city. Come to explore ways to be more stress and virus resistant, lift brain fog, stabilize the moods, get out of the “tired & wired” cycle and be more energized during the day and sleep better at night with nutritional upgrades and a few bio hacks. Olga will share ideas on how to add delicious adaptogenic foods and drinks to your diet. You will learn to do bioresonance test to choose the best supplements for YOU. Olga Vita, NC, Health Coach, Sustainability and Wellness Consultant, Biotherapist Olga’s Health Coaching is based on her signature 3 Pillars of VITA-lity System. It uses Functional SuperFood Nutrition, Holistic Detox and Bioenergy Flow among other tools in flexible, personalized plans to help you and your family to reach your unique health goals. Your goals can be anything from healing to achieving better athletic results, bio hacking for greater mind-body performance or raising a healthy family. Feeling overwhelmed or not quite sure where to start? Don’t worry. Olga can simplify complex stuff when it comes to your unique lifestyle and diet choices. Get your wellness questions—no matter how big or small— answered in a friendly, judgment-free environment. For more information about Workshops, Retreats, Biotherapy, Corporate Sustainable Wellness and Speaking engagements please write to vitaolga7@gmail.com To book a FREE Health Coaching session go to www.olgavita.com