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Step Into Your True Authentic Self

Step Into Your True Authentic Self


Time: Saturday 4.30pm

Room: Ganesha

Facilitator: Sherry Yasay & Bhavna Khemlani

WHY THE THROAT CHAKRA? Have you ever been in a situation where you couldn’t speak your truth? Where you remained silent? Do you have trouble speaking your real feelings or speaking up for yourself? The throat chakra is a gateway between our head and heart and is vital to connecting the energies of our mind and body. It is an important pathway to our creativity, as well as our ability to be authentic and express ourselves. This is where we hold our beliefs about who we are. All of our energy that gathers in the throat chakra is birthed into manifestation becoming a reality in our external world. OPENING & CLEARING YOUR THROAT CHAKRA Communication•Truth•Self Expression - Brings self-empowerment, peace, self-acceptance & self-love - Speak your truth - Changes the way you communicate with yourself and others - Improves your day to day relationships - Changes our creative, spiritual & body energies - Awakens the confidence to express your authentic nature (It awakens more of who you truly are) - It helps release the guilt attached to feeling you’re not living up to expectations - Tune into your intuitive knowing - Communicating with love from the heart Honoring all paths, we will journey together into these experiences of: softening into Being self love & connection (mantra meditation) the power of your words (a practice based on movement & voice) guided journaling & reflection WELCOME TO ALL (13 and up) An open heart and a willingness to listen deeply is all that is required. We welcome all.