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Spirit animals and soul expression.

Spirit animals and soul expression.


Time: Saturday 10am

Room: Gayatri

Facilitator: Steban Pantoja

A moment to get in tune with our spirit guides and heal from within feeling the support from a very personal archetype of the universe: our spirit animals. If someone already has one accompanying them, they can work with that one, or we will tune into the spirit realm with a guided meditation and a card pulling. After a small personal conversation with the animal spirit, at the beat of the drums and rattles, we will invite intuitive movement to honor the spirit animals and heal with intention, singing or silently according to each personal need. "Animal: dance my body". Through movement, songs and sounds that might come up within the practice, we all heal and let emotions flow and our soul to express itself without any restraint. To close the circle we will invite some stillness while the rattles and drums keep playing to seal the process and to feel gratitude for the presence of the guides. After this practice, participants will feel connected to the spirits of nature, receiving extra support in their life and light from allowing the soul to express in the most creative ways. The practice is appropriate for everyone.