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Soul Relationships

Soul Relationships

Chiang Mai

Time: Saturday 1pm

Room: Ganesha

Facilitator: Mae Seracarpio

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Relationships are sacred ground. It is the foremost propeller of spiritual growth and ascension. When things go bad, it shakes us to the very core. Relationships do not touch only the psychological, mental, or emotional level of our being - it reaches us in the very essence of our SOUL. Learn the metaphysical mechanism behind this to understand how you can maneuver your personal relationships as a tool for spiritual growth and development. Seeing how you can relate to every person in your life in the level of the SOUL brings sacredness, ease, and joy to every connection and relation. If you are also seeking meaning and answers as to why some of your relationships are not as harmonious as it is with others, then attending this workshop with an open mind and heart might give you invaluable insights as to how to elevate your relationships to its highest potential connection. Join us as we unravel our soul connection together.