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Shamanic  Breathwork Journey

Shamanic Breathwork Journey


Time: Sunday 1.30pm

Room: Shakti Room

Facilitator: Rachel Constantino

Description: Connected breath is a powerful tool for dealing with stress and for managing one's energetic and emotional state of being, and it is a tool that we all have access to at all times. In this journey, participants will learn the true power of the breath and how to use it to create powerful change. During this workshop, we combine breathwork, qi-gong, and sound healing to help participants journey inward. This fusion of modalities helps create powerful transformation, emotional release, and healing of past trauma to find more clarity of mind and spirit. This journey will invite participants to move, shake, sing, play, surrender and release a variety of emotions as they move through you. This workshop features live shamanic music, aromatherapy, and Reiki to help you move inward to explore expanded consciousness and emotional awareness and to assist participants with being reborn into their highest, most vibrant selves. *This workshop is for anyone who is curious about breathwork, and all those who wish to dive deeply inward to release blockages and energetic stagnation that may be holding you back from your Highest Self. *Those with heart problems, and women who are pregnant should consult their physician before attending. → Please wear loose, comfortable clothing that you can move around in. → Please bring water, and a sarong/scarf to cover your eyes. → Some participants get cold during the session, while others get very hot, so dress in layers if possible or bring a sarong to use as an optional blanket.