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Self Love x Astrology

Self Love x Astrology


Time: Saturday 2.30pm

Room: Gayatri

Facilitator: Ryan Clayton

Everyone seems to be talking about Self Love lately. But does anyone actually tell you HOW to love yourself? Using Astrology as a tool for self-compassion and self-awareness, we will dive into self care practices that vibe with each zodiac sign, and engage in compelling discussion about how self love can be designed as a healing process. Incorporating astrology, breathwork, self empowerment tools, visualization & much more, we will get energy flowing and open up space in our hearts by using a reflection of the cosmos above to tap into the magic and transformation of the cosmos within. Participants will gain insight into the 4 elements of Astrology, self care practices that align with their cosmic identity, and most importantly they will leave feeling EMPOWERED to follow their own journey of self love & create the life they truly deserve. This session is appropriate for anyone who is looking to clear and release emotions in the body, connect to their highest consciousness through pure love, and open up space for raising your vibration to cosmic proportions. Please come dressed in comfortable attire as we will be flowing and moving together! Bring a journal and some water as well.