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Sacred Cacao 5 Elements Movement Workshop

Sacred Cacao 5 Elements Movement Workshop


Time: Sunday 3.30pm

Room: Shakti

Facilitator: Gabriela Moriarty

What is a Cacao Ceremony? A Cacao ceremony is a healing ritual that facilitates interpersonal communication and connectedness. Cacao is often used for a change of perspective, enabling you to recognize and release patterns or habits that no longer serve, while calling in what does. Cacao also gives you a burst of energy that helps you focus and improve your memory, and is said to enhance creativity and facilitate inner meditation. What to expect? * A heart opening and connection * Movement meditation * Silences and sounds the body freely wants to make * Freedom to be seen and heard in your expression * Balance of Masculine and Feminine qualities * Creativity * Openness and Vulnerability * New Found Respect for Nature and Naturalness * Embodiment of the elementals * Balancing of the Endocrine System For who and Why? This event is open to everyone and especially for those that could use a break from the ordinary and enter into the mystic! We will be moving our bodies individually and together at the same time in the same space but you do not need to feel that you can dance in any way to come play with us.