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QEPR (Quantum Emotional & Physical Release)

QEPR (Quantum Emotional & Physical Release)


Time: Saturday 3.30pm

Room: Shakti

Facilitator: Paul Emery

Would you be interested to learn about the very latest, proven and effective ways to significantly improve your mental and physical health and well-being quickly, easily and painlessly? Without medication, talk therapy or a physical therapist. Ways that can help you sleep better, be more calm, confident, relaxed and in control of your emotional responses. Ways that have consistently demonstrated to completely and permanently eradicate the specific symptoms of stress, anxiety, trauma, PTSD, depression, fear, phobias, anger and grief. Ways that reduce or eliminate physical pain, emotional eating, food - cigarette or drug cravings. Well, you will soon come to discover such life-enhancing ways with QEPR! Researched and developed by doctors and therapists from ground-breaking neuroscience, advanced psychology and energy medicine over the past 40 years, QEPR’s techniques have helped thousands of people worldwide and are endorsed by health professionals and celebrities. In this introductory workshop participants will: Learn about these ground-breaking scientific advancements in mental & physical health - notably TFT and Havening Techniques. Experience cutting-edge ways to become more calm, gain greater peace of mind, emotional balance and boost Serotonin levels. Know how to increase, balance and correct energy flow and boost immunity.