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Moon Sister Circle

Moon Sister Circle


Time: Sunday 3pm

Room: Om Space

Facilitator: Jamilah Preenun Nana

Feel empowered by a circle to restore women’s true power in their heart space. With time, the balance of masculine-feminine energy can be re-established. Society can bring back harmony to level the inner masculine (Yang) and feminine (Yin) - no matter which gender you are. The work from the circle leads participants to regain self-love, to own self-worth and to be empowered. It creates true leadership, where strength works hand-in-hand with loving kindness and compassion. Join a safe space where you feel connected and supported, and where your sharing can help and inspire others...the space to love and to be loved. Jamilah has founded "Moon Sister Circle" since 2014 with the purpose to support women to tap into their heart space and restore their true power and live their live from love-based energy