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How will you ignite the sparks?

How will you ignite the sparks?

Chiang Mai

Time: Sunday 12pm

Room: Ganesh

Facilitator: Jen & Lilly

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Research over the past 30 years has shown that having a mindfulness practice improves focus and concentration, stress management, patience and cognitive abilities. It also encourages important characteristics to develop such as compassion and empathy, kindness, gratitude and social awareness. Our workshops, for adults interested in how to incorporate mindfulness strategies into their lives, will introduce Mindful Spark’s approach to mindfulness and from that build discussions about what mindfulness is and equally important, what it is not. We will also provide examples and strategies of how mindfulness can be integrated into our daily life, family life, professional life and also our personal life. There will be 3 guided meditations during this workshop and take home resources will be available for you if you wish. For this workshop please: bring a pencil & paper for taking notes wear whatever you are comfortable in have an open mind