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Living from the Inside Out

Living from the Inside Out

Chiang Mai

Time: Sunday 2pm

Room: Ganesha

Facilitator: Suzanne van de Venne

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Living from the inside out - What if our innate wellbeing is the factory default setting? "I define a good day when good things happened to me and I feel good!" "I define a bad day when bad things happened to me and I feel bad!" Does this sound familiar to you in any way? Well, it did to me for a long time! In this workshop, we will discuss the inside out principle, inspired by Michael Neill. It is about the concept of how we live in the feeling of our thoughts and not in the feeling of the world around us. By applying 3 principles, which we will discuss in the workshop, you will learn the art of effortless achievement, which is creating without the mental struggle of stress and pressure. It is about the insight of no longer having to go out to 'find' our happiness, wellbeing or confidence as it is always here. If you want to learn more, come and join us!