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Learning the Art of Undoing: Yoga to Release Neck Tension

Learning the Art of Undoing: Yoga to Release Neck Tension

Chiang Mai

Time: Sunday 10am

Room: Shakti

Facilitator: Gernot Huber

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Neck tension isn’t just unpleasant. Neck tension also contributes to poor posture, to depression and chronic stress, and to heart and lung disease. The neck tension that is bothering you is something you are actively creating. This may sound discouraging, but the fact that you are doing it to yourself also means you can learn how to stop it. To solve neck tension, you have to learn to literally let go, rather than always pushing harder, hoping that more effort must eventually produce results. It won’t. This workshop will teach you simple but effective techniques for learning the art of undoing, the process of balancing effort with surrender, on a very literal, physiological level. By learning these powerful exercises as well as their underlying physiology, you can dramatically improve your wellbeing and your happiness. To get there, you need some new tools, but mostly, you just need to learn how to strive less, and how to feel more.