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Introduction to Tantra

Introduction to Tantra

Chiang Mai

Time: Sunday 3pm

Room: Shakti

Facilitator: Maria Blandine Wegeners & Uriel Yariv

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If you want to know tantra you must know love and the heart. This workshop offers a simple intro to tantra looking at it's most fundamental ingredient: love. Tantra teaches us how to connect to and nourish ourselves from the source of universal love. In contrast to passive love where we are waiting to be loved first so that we can return love to the other, Tantra teaches us to initiate and to give love from the endless universal heart and become ourselves a source of love. The workshop includes theoretical explanations with a focus on practical appliance of the teachings of Tantra, as well as exercises to open the heart and help us access the source of love and experience it directly. The workshop will be given by Uriel Yariv a psychologist and a teachers of yoga and tantra at Mahasiddha Yogaschool, (Tantra Yoga Chiang Mai). "Love in order to be loved is human, to love for the sake of love is divine." (Grieg) TEACHERS Uriel Yariv https://www.facebook.com/uri.yariv.7?fref=ts Born in Israel, he has spent the last 12 years in various parts of the world, teaching and studying Yoga, Tantra and Meditation and living in spiritual communities and in retreat centers. Uriel is trained as a Tantra and Yoga teacher in the International Yoga Federation ATMAN and holds a MA in Clinical Psychology. He shares his love of spirituality, meditation and Tantra in a clear and tangible way, and is an inspiration to many around him. Blandine Wegener https://www.facebook.com/mariafranziska.wegener?fref=ts Maria Blandine Wegener is a teacher and life coach for applied Yoga and Tantra implementing elements from a variety of yoga traditions, ayurveda and psychology. She gathered her first teaching experiences between 2007 and 2009 teaching Tantra for Women courses in Berlin and Copenhagen. From 2009 to 2014 (after 4 years of extensive teacher’s education in Denmark) she integrated as Yoga and Tantra Teacher in Deutsche Akademie für traditionelles Yoga in Berlin, Germany. She is coaching individuals and couples offering practices and new perspectives to enhance happiness and direction in (couple) life