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Healing The Divide Between Men and Women

Healing The Divide Between Men and Women

Chiang Mai

Time: Sunday 1pm

Room: Ganesh

Facilitator: Justin Lee

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What does it take to have a healthy, empowering, and fulfilling relationship with the opposite sex? In our modern age, it seems more and more men and women are finding themselves confused, conflicted, and questioning what's in the way of having the relationship and intimacy they desire. In this talk, Justin Lee of Soulful Intimacy provides a space for exploring what's needed for us to step forward together into a new paradigm of conscious love and relationships. Justin is an Intimacy Empowerment Coach and Founder of Soulful Intimacy. He supports men and women to discover and powerfully live their truth in such a way that they can enjoy greater levels of connection and authenticity with others. His vision is a world where men and women share more meaningful intimacy with each other, in and outside of the bedroom. Join us as we navigate the intersection between intimacy, relationships, and healing the divide between men and women!