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Making Peace With The Unseen Realms

Making Peace With The Unseen Realms

Chiang Mai

Time: Saturday 11am

Room: Ganesha

Facilitator: Naiyana Thongmanee

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Stratum of light being within our earth realms - spiritual workshop - To understand the component or lays in a physical being. What are the unseen energy that is around us? Where they come from? And what do they want? How can we live in harmony with them? These being some describe them as ghosts, shadows, demons, angels, gods, energy and so on. In the workshop I will share what I have come to the understanding of them, the practise I use to harmonise those energies that surround and within me. I will share the perspective of the realms and layer of vibration that existence in our earth realm. In my workshop we will go through this harmony process together. The process not only to help us as an individual but we can use as the collective healing by help in changing negative energy/vibration and transform them into positive energy/vibration.