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Happiness - Designed by Nature

Happiness - Designed by Nature


Time: Sunday 10am

Room: Gayatri

Facilitator: Jun Nua

Discover how the universe naturally generates order, beauty, and balance--and how you can put her harmony-generating ways to good use in your life. In “Happiness - Designed by Nature” learn how your life is intricately connected with nature, how nature spontaneously generates harmony, and how you can use nature’s wisdom to naturally uplift and enhance your life. The presentation will feature the application of Jin’s revolutionary life practice “The Seven Pillars of Centerlife” providing practitioners practical and abundant means to begin improving their lives today. This seminar is perfect for anyone seeking to get closer to nature, increase their spiritual quotient, or elevate their life and wellbeing. Just bring yourself, your curiosity, and good energy and be prepared to ascend!