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Exercise Your Intuition, Embody Your Soul

Exercise Your Intuition, Embody Your Soul

Chiang Mai

Time: Saturday 10am

Room: Ghanesa

Facilitator: Sarah McCarthy

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You are invited to experience and express your inner world come to life with just the right amount of guidance and inspiration from Sarahmony, a professional intuitive program designer. During this interactive workshop, you will perform intuitive exercises that stimulate your third-eye and connect your heart center with your will-power. We want you to join us for this fun and unique workshop. Together we will produce a meaningful experience. No experience with intuitive training is necessary, just arrive with a curiosity for new life experiences and a willingness to express yourself. Experienced tarot readers and energy workers alike are encouraged to participate, as this event will be a refreshing opportunity to reverse the role you usually play in your life and exercise multiple facets of your intuitive intelligence, bringing new connections and inspiration back into your soul center.