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Emotional Release with Essential Oils

Emotional Release with Essential Oils


Time: Saturday 1.30pm

Room: Ganesha

Facilitator: Rachel Mense & Nicola Chaturachinda

Are you weighed down by your emotions? Do you feel stuck in a rainbow of emotions which cycle from frustration, lack of motivation, stress, anger, anxiety, sadness, and more? We all feel this at some point, from children, parents, grandparents, and of course ourselves, we all go through it. Prolonged feeling of negative emotions especially stress will affect your physical health in the long run. You will learn how Essential oils have the ability to access these stuck emotions at their deepest level, by accessing our limbic system in our brain. We will share a range of Essential Oils that have been specially formulated to help us to process and even release these emotions that we struggle with, and support in enhancing more feelings of Joy, Peace, Clarity and more. You will gain a better understanding as to how to apply and use these Essential Oils through various methods to support your Emotional Wellness on a daily basis. Who would love to have a Stress free day?