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Chiang Mai

Time: Sunday 12pm

Room: Shakti

Facilitator: Jaz Goven

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Are you holding onto the past? Someone or something you no longer want or need but you just can’t let it go? Maybe it’s time for an emotional detox and Fast Track yourself out of your past and into the future. Throughout our lives we experience many negative events, situations and traumas which are often stored in our subconscious and become negative programing. This means that whenever you start to think about or do ‘something’ that you subconscious decides is similar to that negative event it goes into action and makes you feel sad, angry, depressed or behave in the way you behaved before. We might mature in years, but our programing stays stuck in the vibration of how that event ‘felt’ or ‘looked’ to us that very first time. This is how negative programing happens but now you have a choice: An emotional detox allows you to rid yourself of toxic, stuck emotional patterns, barriers and stored traumas. By removing the negative baggage based in fear, anger, sadness, hurt, envy, resentment more you can now release the old trauma and create room to add more joy, love, trust, enthusiasm, and kindness. In this workshop we investigate and release old programs responses and behaviour patterns and reprogram you with how you prefer to feel Release: Replace with: fear love anger trust sadness joy hurt enthusiasm envy kind - compassion