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Confident Body Language for Better Communication & Influence

Confident Body Language for Better Communication & Influence


Time: Sunday 12pm

Room: Ganesha Room

Facilitator: David Bailey

Learn how to understand & use confident body language to create a powerful presence, spark attraction and give credibility to your message. Like most people, you’re probably not aware of how you’re communicating with your body language. 👨‍🏫Scientific data shows that non-verbal communication makes up for between 70-93% of all communication🗣. Being able to communicate effectively is essential to your success in your personal🙋‍♂️, business🤑, and love life❤️. If you unaware of how your body language and tonality affects other people’s perception of you, you’re making life very hard for yourself. Your non-verbal communication literally tells other people how you expect to be treated. It signals to them on an unconscious level, which is wired in our primal brain functions. Not only that but the way you carry yourself physically affects the way you feel emotionally. The body creates a bio feedback loop sending dopamine or stress hormones to your brain, depending on your posture, your tonality, your breathing. You can literally make yourself feel good or bad with your own physiology. The good news is that this can be learned so that you can develop your natural charisma, influence and make a good impression when it counts. 😁In this workshop, you will do practical exercises to learn how to use body language too. • Feel more comfortable in yourself • Create a powerful presence 🔥 • Improve your posture t • Use your gestures to add credibility and trust to what your saying • How to use your hands to put an audience at ease or come across as more authoritative on a subject • Help put people at ease and diffuse difficult situations • Learn how to use your body to create influence and persuasion • Understand other people’s body language to better read their intentions and read the situation • Body language and spatial dynamics to use sat at a meeting for maximum chance of success