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Sircle by Sejal

Sircle by Sejal


Time: Sunday 4.30pm

Room: Shakti

Facilitator: Sejal Sood

Sircle is an active meditation practice that takes one on an empowering journey through a whirlwind of movement. It creates space for the body to awaken and embrace its full potential, using breath and meditation to create a calm even through the gradually intensifying movement. A Sircle practice creates an optimal harmony between the mind, body and heart. It is a method of movement that instills calm in the most chaotic of movements and simultaneously empowers our complete existence. In the all encompassing Sircle, the practice helps our bodies and minds break out of rigidity and enter into a flow state. All are welcome to join, but advise the instructor of any injuries before the session begins. Wear comfortable and flexible workout clothing that you are okay to sweat in, and if you have a big flowy skirt bring it! We have 10 skirts for participants to wear, first come first serve!