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Chakras - Your Spiritual Highway to Enlightenment

Chakras - Your Spiritual Highway to Enlightenment


Time: Saturday 2.30pm

Room: Shakti

Facilitator: Ashoka

Join Ashoka as he takes you on an immersive journey into your Chakras - what he calls the “spiritual highway to enlightenment”. What may seem like a clichéd topic is actually underrated. Learn about the common and not-so-common Chakra associations from a physical and metaphysical point of view. And then let Ashoka guide you into a unique meditation to balance, heal, and align your Chakras - and by extension, your whole being! Working with the Angels and Divinities who come to assist, you'll emerge physically refreshed, mentally clear, emotionally stable, and spiritually more connected! You’ll also walk away with a better understanding of your energy centres, and how to upkeep them in your daily life. Ashoka may also perform some personalised healing for each participant during the meditation, so come join in this eclectic workshop! Suitable for anyone interested in the mind-body-spirit connection. Dress comfortably for lying down!