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2020 Jupiter/Pluto: ‘The ground from which we move’

2020 Jupiter/Pluto: ‘The ground from which we move’


Time: Saturday 12pm

Room: Gayatri

Facilitator: Kirilly Cosmic Space Priestess

This astrology talk is for everyone. Together we will delve into what’s up ahead for 2020, when 2 powerhouse planets, in the form of Jupiter, a.k.a Zeus- King of the Sky, Lightning Bolts & Thunder meets Pluto - Lord of the Underworld (The Unconscious), Death-Transformation & Rebirth. From March 2020 to December 2020, all eyes will be on the world stage as global systems peak and shudder as a ‘new age’ emerges? But what does this mean for us personally? How might these superpowers combined, manifest in our daily lives? In this Talk/ Q&A, we will focus on the many mighty challenges ahead in 2020, as the ground from which we move is about to be tested for its integrity and viability. Bring your questions and your astrology charts.