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Shamanic intuitive energy healing & Power spirit animal retrieval

Steban Pantoja


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Shamanic intuitive energy healing & Power spirit animal retrieval

1000 baht Shamanic intuitive energy healing - 40 minutes

800 baht Power spirit animal retrieval - 30 minutes

Available: Saturday pm and Sunday all day

I am from Bogotá, Colombia and I am a Shamanic healing practitioner and a Mother Earth advocate on a constant journey to healing myself, others, animals, plants and the planet. I love sharing the great medicine that nature has for us. Rooted in Latin American background, I bring the power from my roots, from a sacred land of indigenous people a long time conquered, but still pulsating with beauty, magic, music, joy, majestic lands, great spirits and spiritual connections. I am also a dancer and dancing saved my life 10 years ago when I had to face a very strong health situation and it was only through dance that I could recover, boost my immune system and ignite my inner flame. As a fact of synchronicity, Shamanism involves dancing to heal, to strengthen the connection with spirits, to embody the elements and to honor yourself and your guides. Dancing with elements and with spirit animals is one of the empowering modalities I use to heal as an individual and in community. Shamanism allows us to create a bridge that strengthens our connection with the environment, with the animals and plants and even aids in our relationship with others and with ourselves.