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Intuitive Energy Readings & Tarot Card Readings

Sarah McCarthy

Chiang Mai

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Intuitive energy readings + tarot card readings by Sarah McCarthy

500B for a 30 minute session.

Available: Saturday 1.30-4.30pm

Sunday all day

Hello, I’m Sarahmony. I'm the founder of the Chiang Mai Intuitive Center, where I train people to exercise their intuition and strengthen their personal will-power. All of my courses are designed to develop your intrapersonal communication skills. I also provide private Intuitive Readings by request. Intuitive Readings can be performed one of two ways. If you seek a deep and meaningful reflection of your inner truth and need to make meaningful decisions in your life at this time, I can use tarot and oracle cards to help you bring full attention to yourself. Otherwise, you can request that I use my psychic gifts of clairaudience and clairvoyance as well as my artistic talents to produce a fully illustrated reading of your energy bodies - physical, etheric, astral, emotional, mental, spiritual. Usually, the longer I read, the more I detect the various imprints of ‘past, present, future’ within the essence of your presence. These types of psychic readings are beneficial for individuals who are working on expanding and integrating their own self-knowledge and are prepared to use the data I provide to further their self-discovery and deepen their experience of existing as a multi-dimensional force of nature. You may keep the illustration for your own personal records.