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Psychosomatic Integration Therapy

Ra Harden

Chiang Mai

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Psychosomatic integration Therapy by Ra Harden

1000B for a 30 minute session

Available Saturday and Sunday all day

Ra is a former marine and life-long athlete who has blended his physical training experiences with yoga, healing arts, meditation, and martial arts. Though possessing natural physical talent, his desire to understand the more subtle aspects of human potential, led him to study with instructors of psycho therapy, Tantra and Chi Gong. Through research and experience, Ra has gained a wealth of knowledge regarding the human body, mental development and spiritual evolution. Enhanced by his intuition as a gifted healer, Ra brings an intense, creative, and complete approach to both group and personal training. In addition to his work as a physical trainer, Ra is a professional healer who is gifted with the ability to intuitively guide clients through the releasing of physical and mental blockages. While he has been trained in Reiki, cranial sacrum, and various massage modalities, each healing is truly guided by his heart and your individual needs, making every experience unique. Your opportunity to transcend old patterns of limiting behavior is based on your ability to let go and face your challenges. Ra creates a safe space and is a supportive companion as you unearth the repressed emotions lodged in the organs, muscles, cells and neurological pathways of the body. Ra is a certified yoga instructor registered with Yoga Alliance. His unique background helps him see yoga as more than a means of releasing stress and gaining flexibility. He believes yoga can be fused into all aspects of life to transcend physical, mental and spiritual challenges. Ra understands that not each client will embrace yoga in this way; however, he encourages his students to utilise their practice to gain self awareness. Moreover, Ra incorporates Chi Gong to enhance internal awareness and to promote self healing. Ra is the founder of AARKMOVENENT and Sensorium Lab, which are mixed healing arts practices and experiences. Ra can be reached by email rlharden44@gmail.com