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Energy Clearing, Chakras Reset and Calibration

Naiyana Thongmanee

Chiang Mai

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Energy clearing, Chakras Reset and calibration by Naiyana

900B for a 45 minute session.

Available All day Sunday

I am Naiyana, I possess the conscious power to witnessing myself & guide others in vastly different ways; emotionally, spiritually, and even physically to experience my healing journey, its process, its finding and understanding. I found the Light of internal peace and clarity. Others not just to come to me to share their life experiences, to close their open wounds, and/or to possibly make sense of unexplainable things that happen to us, to receive guidance for them to reconnect, refine and remember their inner strength and connection to their soul purpose. I believe that we can always bounce back from what knocks us down, coming back and be to a stage of being stronger than before. We are capable of reprogramming our mind in the way we see, feel and to listen and come to our inner truth. I am a founder of Yardfahmadin, home of soul healing in Chiang Mai in the north of Thailand. Here where I held at least 20 group silent retreats and guided 100 of souls in their healing journey, where each and every individual were guided and shared my finding process, experiences and knowledge. And now I feel to extend my hand out and offer this very process to others who are unable to come home to me. I also creator of “Omtri” energy alignment modality.