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Astrology Readings

Kirilly Cosmic Space Priestess

Chiang Mai

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Astrology Readings by Kirilly Cosmic Space Priestess

1000B for a 30 minute session.

Available: Saturday 1.30-4.30pm

Sunday all day

World renowned astrologer, ‘Kirilly Cosmic Space Priestess’, is known for her in-depth and accurate astrology readings. She’s not so much a fortune-teller as a ‘consciousness reader’, capable of traversing worlds: past, present and future. Kirilly specialises in soul journey readings, assisting her clients understand the power of past lives, collective/ancestral and personal karma and trauma in shaping our life’s unfolding especially our adult relationship patterning. And most importantly, Kirilly supports her clients in recognising that none of that is who we truly are! Kirilly points her clients in the direction of accessing &/or developing resources, inner and outer, for spiritual growth, insight, healing, empowerment, creation, manifestation, realisation and awakening. Kirilly can be seen on her YouTube channel, ‘Kirilly Cosmic Space Priestess’ every ‘New Moon’ and ‘Full Moon’ talking up the astrology of now, mixing up musings between the personal, political and spiritual, whilst offering guidance for the days, weeks and months ahead. Kirilly is a highly skilled and intuitive reader able to combine her visionary capacities with grounded spirituality and professional psychological training. With a diverse client base from all over the world, Kirilly has been practicing astrology for 25 years and has been in private practice as a psycho-therapist for 13 years. Kirilly has over 14 years of post-graduate training in the fields of psychology and psychotherapy as well as 10 years training in shamanic healing, much of which took place in the Central Desert of Australia. Now based in Thailand, Kirilly is a dedicated practitioner of Shaolin martial arts and classical Tantrik Yoga.