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Biospect, bioresonance - Quantum Alignment Therapy

Matthew Ayres

Chiang Mai

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Biospect, bioresonance - Quantum Alignment Therapy by Chrysalide Holistic

1000B for a 30 minute session.

Available for booking both days the the fair.

We, at Chrysalide Holistic have always been interested in taking care of body, mind and spirit. Ludivine grew up in that environment as her father was a renowned healer. For many years, Matthew was part of healing prayer group which tremendously help hundreds of people. We met and decided to combine our skills and experiences in healing, this is when we came across Bioresonance Technology (Biospect) Rather than just looking at conditions and symptoms, we choose to look at the whole person. We create and customize state-of-the-art health protocols and treatments for your particular needs. As we do so, we provide information and resources for diet, nutrition, supplementation, exercise, lifestyle, mind-body healing, counseling, bioresonance light and sound care. In this more balanced state, true self-healing can occur. Enable a caring and safe space that empowers you to embark in a transformational journey to become your best self.