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Chi Nei-Tsang & Emotional Guidance

Simba Thomas & Sara Stenqvist

Chiang Mai

Chi Nei-Tsang & Emotional Guidance by Sara and Simba

550B for a 40 minute session

Available Saturday am

Chi Nei-Tsang is a Taoist stomach massage that works on many levels in our bodies. Taoism is a Chinese philosophy that combines astrology, physiology, anatomy, spiritual perspectives on life and how it all connects together to generate our chi or life-force in life. Chi Nei-Tsang addresses muscular tensions in our deep core musculature, helps the colon move any residues or constipated particles, it addresses the energy levels connected to both organs and muscles, and it can release emotional tension or traumas stored in our body.  According to the Taoist philosophy, different organs govern different emotions, by undoing the blockages or unprocessed residues in the organs we can thus handle the given emotion that each organ represents. The treatment involves oil massage, pressure point treatments, vocal tones, and deep tissue massage for your stomach, sometimes groin, arms, chest, head, and neck areas.   Anger emotions are stored in the Liver, Sadness emotions in the Large intestines, Worry emotions the stomach,  Hate emotions in the heart and Fear emotions in the kidneys. The treatment will help you release stored emotions and blockages and we will not only offer you a taste of the treatment, but also emotional guidance after your session.  About us: We are sara & Simba. Together we set out on a journey towards happiness, love and healing. Leaving our old life behind a couple of years ago to be stationed in Chiang Mai. Since then our aim has been to find our true selves and designing the lifestyle we always wanted. We are creating a holistic community with the tools needed for a healthy and active lifestyle. We provide a safe space for your transformational journey whether it is spiritual, physical, emotional or mental. Our center, which is also our home and lifestyle, is an oasis for anyone in need of overall energy replenishment or personal development. We work with nutrition habits, organic raw and cooked plant based food, detox and fasting protocols, personal training, lifestyle coaching, trauma release, emotional healing, improved movement patterns, pain and injury recovery, grounding practice, therapeutic massage and energy healing.Read more about us at www.livingwiththespirit.com.