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Chakra energy analysis and balancing with crystals

Navjeet Sharma


Chakra energy analysis and balancing with crystals

1000baht - 30 minutes

Available: Sunday all day

The seven Chakras or energy centres need to be open and aligned for one to feel physically, emotionally and mentally healthy. Blockages or leakages in these energy centres can lead to negative feelings, lack of purpose and even disease. Yoga, meditation and crystals are different tools to open and align these Chakras. Sometimes we need a little help and support to take the first step. Navjeet will use crystals to analyse and balance the Chakras for you. It will give you an immediate feeling of relaxation, grounding and will start the healing process. She will discuss the reason for the energy imbalance and give you simple techniques to keep the chakras balanced at all times. This healing session will give you a reference point for your own journey into self-awareness. Navjeet Sharma is an Energy Healer, Feng Shui Master Practitioner and Life Coach from India with over 25 years of experience in different modalities. She has been consulting individuals, conducting workshops for over a decade and has helped many in creating energy balance in themselves and their environment.