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Biospect, bioresonance scan and treatments

Chrysalide Holistic


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Biospect, bioresonance scan and treatments

1000 baht - 40minutes

Available: Saturday all day and Sunday all day

IMAGINE GETTING AN ACCURATE PICTURE OF WHAT’S GOING ON INSIDE YOUR BODY, ORGANS AND TISSUES. Taking the guesswork out of treatment! . Biospect is a biofeedback technology, that can identify almost every known pathological condition, disease and illness, even before any physical symptoms appear. . Biospect determines the stress level of all organs and systems, it can select the most appropriate allopathic and/or homeopathic remedies, as well as suitable foods, herbal and nutritional remedies, and can identify physical, emotional and psychological issues. . Rather than just looking at conditions and symptoms, we choose to look at the whole person. We create and customize state-of-the-art health protocols and treatments for your particular needs. As we do so, we provide information and resources for diet, nutrition, supplementation, exercise, lifestyle, mind-body healing, counseling, bioresonance light and sound care. In this more balanced state, true self-healing can occur. Enable a caring and safe space that empowers you to embark on a transformational journey to become your best self.