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Astrology readings

Kirilly Cosmic Space Priestess


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Astrology readings

1200 baht - 30 minutes

Available: Saturday am and Sunday all day

Have you ever thought, "Why doesn’t life come with a guide or a personal roadmap?" Well, any astrologer will tell you that it does! We all have a unique soul imprint that can be gleaned by looking at your birth chart. Your birth chart is cast from your birthday, place of birth and EXACT time of birth. If you know these things, then you can see where all the planets were at the time of your birth, in relation to where you were born. Your birth chart shows you what you came into this world with, including your past lives influences, the conditions of your life and shines a light on your destiny- your highest joy, excitement, potential and evolution. Kirilly is a blessed channel: clear and safe; blending her 20+ years of astrological study and practice with her divine intuitive gifts. Kirilly is also a highly skilled therapist, specialising in transpersonal, shamanic and process-oriented therapy. When receiving a reading with Kirilly, you are welcome to ask any question or just receive (or both)! And you are encouraged to record the reading, as these readings are so potent that the messages in them will continue to unfold over days, weeks, months and years.