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Astrology and Tarot Readings

Ryan Clayton


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Astrology and Tarot Readings

Astrology readings: 1000 baht - 30 minutes

Tarot Readings: 800 baht - 20 minutes

Available: Saturday am and Sunday all day

Ryan is an Astrologer, Modern Mystic & Transformational Life Coach living in Bangkok. Ryan takes an empowering and holistic approach when reading the ancient language of Astrology and translating the cosmic blueprint of the soul. On a personal level, he infuses transformation coaching sessions with meditation practices, breathwork, self empowerment tools, visualization & much more in order to raise our vibration and guide us through the abundance of our inner galaxies. This is where the journey begins - deepening our awareness around the medicine of self love & the transformation that occurs when we live in alignment with the earth and the cosmos within.