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Akashic Records Oracle Readings - Accessing your Soul’s Records

Calista Goh

Chiang Mai

Akashic Records Oracle Readings by Calista Goh

100 Baht for 15 minutes

Available Saturday AM

Calista is an international Akashic Records Oracle (Reader), teacher and healer. Born into a lineage of medicine women, psychics and intuitives, Calista was raised from a young  age to respect the Ancients, work with natural energy grids and to embody integrity in life. Calista was called to service after several near death experiences during her late teens through 20s. Since then, and through different life challenges and spiritual/ego deaths, Calista has been continuously initiated through multiple real-death experiences; each time, returning from the “Other Side” to share deeper Wisdom, fuller Love and expanded Joy to everyone she is blessed and honored to meet.  Having studied with esteemed Tibetan Masters in the Himalayas, Plant Medicine, a dying pigeon, her Navajo and Mayan ancestors, Nature and the Elementals, Calista’s methods include a mix of psychotherapy, Akashic Records, shamanism, tarot, crystals, sound activations, vibrational medicine, food and nutrition, dance, breathwork and more. She believes Love is the wildest Medicine and shares herself fully in that sense. She is currently in training with maestros in the use and wisdom of Master Plants.