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Veronica’s Voyaging Apothecary


Veronica’s Voyaging Apothecary makes herbal remedies using herbs and infusions locally from where I am living at the time. I currently live in Thailand, but I also bring with me the knowledge I’ve gained through living in Taiwan, Japan, Chile, and Italy. In order to sustain a more natural lifestyle, I have worked hard to create alternatives to many mainstream everyday products including facial and body soaps, deodorant, insect repellent, makeup remover, household cleaners, and herbal healing salves. I have done away with harmful chemicals, unnecessary colorants, artificial scents, and dangerous toxins. The products I create are made with carefully selected plants and herbs that are either used fresh or naturally dried. The beeswax and oils used in my products are locally sourced from Thailand. Soy and Rose makeup remover Coconut and Rose makeup remover Muscle aches and body pains herbal salve Menstruation cramps herbal salve After-shaving herbal salve (for legs/arms) All natural deodorant All natural insect repellent Chemical free household cleaner Soy or coconut oil white soap Soy or coconut oil black soap made with activated coconut husk charcoal Soy or coconut oil facial cleansing soap Products that are in the works: bring on the menses tea, natural toothpaste, natural laundry detergent