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Are you passionate about making a positive impact in people’s lives and looking for a way to create a lucrative and emotionally rewarding practice? Then this is a magnificent opportunity to begin your journey…. Imagine waking up every morning to fulfill the purpose of your life deeply and going to bed with utter gratitude that you have made an impact in people's life mentally, emotionally and spiritually while making a lucrative living out of your passion… If this sparks an interest within you, we have 2 wonderful opportunities for you... Begin your journey as a Professional Coach… Do you know that you could become a Professional Coach and help individuals develop and aspire in life? Yes, through any niche you desire, such as, Life Coaching, Relationship Coaching, Spiritual Coaching, Executive Coaching, transformational Coaching or even Intimacy Coaching? Our Professional Coaching Mastery Certification enables you the possibility of becoming a Professional Coach with 60 hours of training, which has the world’s highest accreditation by the International Coach Federation. Do you know that a Professional Coach in Asia makes about 7,000 THB in average per hour? Begin your journey as a subconscious and soul healer… Would you like to help people heal mentally, emotionally and spiritually through their subconscious and soul mind? Would you like to become a healer of mind and soul? Then our Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy Certification bundled with Certification in Past Life Regression Therapy would enable to you to begin your journey as a therapist/healer. We are Accredited over 5 International Bodies including USA, UK and Australia. Do you know that you can earn 10,000 THB per hour on average as a Subconscious Healer? If you would like to glance at our website, here it is: www.IgniteGlobal.online