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Himalayan Salt & Lamps Thailand

Chiang Mai


We are a Chiang Mai company importing and selling Sacred 250 Million Year Old Himalayan Salt products from Pakistan. Our products support health, healing and connection to Mother Earth energy. Bring more balance and wellness into your life from our selection of products: Himalayan Pink Salt and Black Salt for cooking, detox and spa/bath; Himalayan Salt Lamps for homes, healing & retreat centers, and work spaces Himalayan Pink Salt, Himalayan Black Salt, Himalayan Salt Lamps, Himalayan Salt Sole Water. Himalayan Salt is an ideal ingredient for boosting the flavor of dishes naturally, while adding trace minerals and that extra special touch of love and high vibes. Himalayan Salt Lamps enhance the ambiance and groundedness of homes and work spaces, reduce air pollutants, EMF’s, and wifi waves for better sleep, work and overall feeling of “Ahh, I Am Home.”