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October Astrology Report

Victoria Davis

“October – A time of reckoning”

The month starts with an intense vibe within our most significant relationships, personally and collectively. There is still quite a lot of Libran influences, typically wanting us to agree, create harmony, balance and healthy compromise. 

However, the intensity stems from our collective values. Libra is the ‘value factor’ and when values are questioned, pushed or prodded, at a universal level, this can create tension, stubbornness, disagreement and even all out conflict. “Open enemies” may be created during this time. 

Over a couple of days (5th-7th Oct), the moon will join up for a brief time with Pluto, Saturn and the South Node and this formation or stellium is asking us to us to face fear, move from the past into the future, listen to our heart-space and dreams, and embrace transformation and regeneration. As the stellium is in Capricorn, how we go about this is to focus on high-level authority (mostly masculine), claiming our own authenticity, avoiding the blame game, taking responsibility and being actively determined about building new foundations and healthy limitations and boundaries. 

Old or outmoded structures involving corporatism and capitalism, status and prestige, and literally how we view making, creating and keeping power, will be turned on its head. The shake-up will be from the top down and “un-fixing” ourselves from the current status quo is vital. 

This also keenly relates to Mother Earth – more on that in a moment….

It’s a great time to practice ‘Twin Heart Meditation’ (Planetary Meditation for Peace) or effectively turning your mind to how you want the world to look in the next few years at a wholly practical level. What productive or realistic changes can you enact. What are your personal priorities and integrity in this area? How can we be more responsible or motivated by a different kind of achievement?

It won’t be until 14th October, at the Aries full moon (around 4am Bangkok time), that we will really see how dynamic tension is required for manifesting dynamic change and shifts in consciousness.

The full moon is going to be tough. Emotions will run high. Our impulse will be towards fear. There could be drama and perhaps dealing with things beyond our control. We may dig in our heels. There will be confusion. It will feel uncomfortable. 

The full moon in the polarity of Aries/Libra (Mars/Venus, male/female, yin/yang) provides us insight into how we deal with the Arian need for independence, autonomy and assertion versus the Libran need for co-operation, partnership and compromise. The light of the full moon shines down on where we are out of balance and how we may be manipulating situations rather than taking constructive action.  

We have to watch complacencies or compromise, even total inaction, through fear, confusion or lack of courage. “Shaking up is hard to do but no one will be able to bury their head anymore. The Universe will force our hand”. Evolution is nigh.

You will continue to see the rise of women, as Libra represents the feminine, and also equality within the male and female relationship. The pressure is on the patriarchies to shift and change into complete transformation and regeneration. This is paramount on the astrological agenda and long overdue collectively.

From the 17th of October until the New Moon, there will be some relief universally, however the New Moon on 28 October around 10.30am, which is in Scorpio, will be laying the seeds for something new, so expect the unexpected. And it could be anything! Uranus does not like to be static. Often when Uranus is involved, space is made forcefully or brutally, which is necessary in the long-term but not accounted for in the short-term, a curve ball that is not anticipated. 

The universe is going to give us space to deal with this between the 17th and 28th October, so you have the opportunity to allow some space for yourself too. 

Throughout the month, there will be a big pressure point - Mars square Saturn. This could manifest in low or reduced energy, slow and steady motivation, deliberate action rather than impulsive reaction. 

We may also feel pressured to make choices but we could be feeling unsure, indecisive. A general feeling of being unsettled.

Anxiety connected to indecision or stress could be an overall feeling this month. Have you own personal mental health plan in place, using activities and techniques that you know will assist with any anxiety that comes up. 

Avoid aggressive frustration or extreme tendencies  - take a break, create some space, release and consciously activate a sense of freedom and liberation. 

Uranus in Taurus – 2018 until 2026

A note on “Uranus in Taurus” – key concepts:

  • Shocks and shifts to our entrenched structures and organisations, and in turn our integrities and priorities. 

  • Revolt and upheaval, especially related to nature and the ‘tangible senses’, what we can see, hear, touch, smell and taste. 

  • Revolution regarding Mother Earth. Protest, dissent, rebellion. 

  • What we produce and how we grow our food and claim our fresh water, may get long overdue reform. 

  • This could also be directly related to a down-turn in worldwide economy, banking, commercial enterprise and old, worn-out structures. 

  • Surprising austerity measures

  • A new economy may emerge; crypto-currency, barter systems, peer-to-peer and communal marketplaces may start to thrive.

  • Pushing boundaries, up-ending status quo, shifting ‘fixed’ consciousness

The biggest global indicator so far; worldwide and ongoing protests about climate change, which is being directly levelled at people in authority and power. 

Overall, there is a sense of being ‘set free’ or revolution – when Uranus is active, nothing will ever be the same again. Uranus is radical and asks for awakening, innovation, progression and is an agent of great social change. But Uranus can also be disruptive and rebellious in its efforts to overhaul and smash old ideas. 

Generation Aquarius (those born between 1998 and 2003) are driving this. Uranus rules Aquarius and we are seeing quite clearly that people, particularly youth, are demanding change and the old system (and those running it!) falls well behind what the collective wants. 

As futuristic as Gen Aquarius are in their endeavours, they have to be careful to ensure their message is not diluted with anarchy, disorder or mayhem. 

Taurus wants to look after it’s earthly resources, but Taurus is also resistant to change. Uranus in Taurus for the next 7 years, will not allow rigidity or inflexibility, particularly when it comes to environmental action.  

For those of us that are interested and acutely aware of the environment, climate change and mother earth, this is most welcome and we will be supportive of the futuristic actions that Uranus takes in this arena.

Currently Uranus is in retrograde and will not turn direct until January 2020. Retrograde motion of planets causes the dialogue or action points to become personal, internal, an opportunity to ‘stand-still’ and reflect, review, re-frame certain areas in our life. 

Uranus retrograde:

  • The planet of bold, new concepts and innovation. Our Future. 

  • Collectively there may be internalised distance or aloofness – “it’s not my problem”

  • May hold back outward expressions of individuality and uniqueness

  • Need to internalise our hopes, wishes and humanitarian aspirations before expressing them externally

  • Must break out of negative, defiant patterns in order to open up to new and healthy ideas, concepts and evolution. 

October 3: Mercury to Scorpio

October 4: Mars to Libra

October 9: Venus to Scorpio

October 14: Full Moon in Aries

October 29: New Moon in Scorpio

**October 13: Mercury begins ‘shadow’ retrograde loop. 

Exact dates: retrograde from November 1 to 21

• Full time of Mercury Retrograde influence: 13 October to December 8

• Zodiac sign Scorpio

I will talk more about Mercury Retrograde in the November blog

(Please note all dates are for Bangkok, Thailand)

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