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November Astrology – Deep, Meaningful and Profound Reflection

Victoria Davis

Opening the month, Mercury will be in Retrograde. Although considered ‘bad’ or ‘difficult’ in pop-culture, Mercury Retrograde is really a time of reflection, review and refocus.

This will be the final Merc Rx for 2019. Not nearly as intense as the previous cycles in Pisces and particularlyCancer, earlier this year, Mercury will take a final deep-dive into the watery world of the water signs and everything they represent; feelings, emotions, sensitivities, compassion and intuition. 

Communication may be more profound and small talk will be put to the side. You may hear others getting straight to the depth of the matter, rather than speaking about surfacesubjects. You may want to do the same. 

Mercury moved into Scorpio in October and will be having an extended stay in that sign. This extra-long residence is due to Mercury’s retrograde cycle. 

Mercury in Scorpio gives voice to what’s hidden. Mercury represents communication and connection. Scorpio represents depths, secrets and what is significant rather than superficial.

“Mercury in Scorpio is like swallowing truth serum”. And when in retrograde, it becomes very personal and internal. The inner dialogue is activated and asks for review, refreshment and reframing and all the Scorpio topics will behighlighted. Think truth, honesty, depth, intensity,investigating, getting to the heart of a matter, and of course anything to do with shared resources, intimacy, sex and typically taboo topics. Self-mastery and approaching self as cyclic, is key here. 


With not many harsh aspects from other planets, Mercury in Scorpio has some space to do its own thing – which is exactly what Scorpio likes, and needs, to experience its full archetype.

A perfect time to sort out paperwork, reconnect with meaningful people in your life, particularly siblings, go through old emails or reconsider important projects that may have stalled. 

My take is that Mercury in Retrograde is a well-needed and well-deserved quarterly review of your life. Use it wisely and it can be so beneficial.

For more information about how to handle Mercury in Retrograde:



Full Moon in Taurus

12 November, around 8.30pm Bangkok time

5th to 11th houses – the creative collective gets real, and deep,and meaningful. 

Issues of self-worth, integrity and priorities may arise. Ultimately, we are being asked to shine a light on how we view our security; emotionally, materialistically and financially. 

It will be an uncomplicated full moon, which forms no stressful aspects and contains three supportive aspects; a trine to Saturn [and Pluto]and a sextile to Neptune. These two planets are also sextile each other, suggesting an easier flow between pragmatism, duty and responsibility [Saturn] and imagination, creativity, intuition and feeling [Neptune].

Stabilising, anchoring, grounding energy. Being in the present moment. Creating gratitude moments for all we have. Prioritising our self-worth and integrity through the senses, nature and mother earth. 


New Moon in Sagittarius

26 November, around 10pm Bangkok time

4th house – home, homeland, family, nurturing, belonging, self-care

Sagittarius represents the need to explore, quest, seek and grow in every possible way. Highlighting expansion of the mind via travel or higher education.

The New Moon is a great time to initiate new projects, take action on new goals, do energy work for the purposes of manifesting or creating something new. Essentially, it’s our monthly gift from the universe, of new beginnings. 

Sagittarius is a highly energetic sign and takes up opportunities where ever and when ever. The trick is to not create or begin too much. To not over-extend yourself or take too many risks. 

The shadow side of Sagittarius can be a tendency towardsexcess and burn out, so find something that inspires you,without going over the top.

The Sagittarius New Moon always challenges us to see the big picture. This may be an auspicious time to embark on a new adventure, new studies or new philosophies.


This month will also see the last of the yearlong Jupiter in Sagittarius cycle, this highly auspicious and lucky transit,occurs once every 12 years. At the end of any cycle, we are being asked to learn from and assimilate the lessons, rather than commence, observe, recognise or accept. Which is the beginning and middle portions of the cycle.

During the month, Jupiter and Venus, both considered the great benefics or favourable or advantageous planets of the universe, will meet up and it will be so lovely and beneficial, even idealistic.

A sense of freedom, possibilities and seeking growth. Perhaps abundance, hope and optimism. A softening and lightening of energy will occur and contrast against the current, ongoing tough energy of Saturn, Pluto, South Node in Capricorn. 


Finally, towards the end of the month, around 19 November, Mars moves into Scorpio and will stand opposite Uranus in Taurus. 

This combined energy can be explosive, volatile, unpredictable, unstable.

Key words and phrases include:

Impatient change. 

Rapid shifts. 

Impulsive action. 

Liberating or freedom-inducing energy can manifest but could perhaps be difficult, brutal or cutting. 

It can also be a very driven, productive or dynamic time.With surprising twists and turns. 

On 24 November, Mars will be joined briefly by Mercury andthe Moon and the liveliness or vitality will peak and then clear out, a kind of resetting.

During this period, it is important to watch yourself physically, as you or others may be accident prone or clumsy or awkward due to moving too fast or rapidly or not paying attention. 

November 1: Mercury stations retrograde November 2: Venus to Sagittarius November 9: Saturn sextile Neptune November 12: Full Moon in Taurus November 19: Mars to Scorpio November 21: Mercury stations direct November 23: Sun to Sagittarius November 26: Venus to Capricorn November 27: New Moon in Sagittarius November 27: Neptune stations direct

Note: All dates are for Bangkok, Thailand

Note from the author, Victoria Davis: “Very much looking forward to seeing you all at the Mind, Body, Spirit Fair in Chiang Mai and talking astrology, the universe and our collective consciousness.

With the Sun in Sagittarius and the Moon moving from Capricorn to Aquarius over the weekend, it will be a terrific period for expanding our knowledge, philosophies, businesses, groups and friendships. Our hopes and wishes for the future will be magnified over the weekend and with Neptune turning direct, it will be perfect for spiritual practices of all kinds. See you there!”

About The Author

Victoria Davis

Victoria is a Professional and Consulting Astrologer, and runs her own business Who Am I Astrology, offering personal readings, consultations, workshops and decorative framed birth charts. Taking the guesswork out of astrology and making it accessible for everyone, Victoria focuses on person-centred, free-will, Western/modern astrology. Victoria is most interested in exploring who you are at a practical, spiritual and soul level, in accordance with your universal fingerprint; the individual natal or birth chart.