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January Astrology Report

Victoria Davis

Note: All the dates below are for Bangkok, Thailand

January 3: Mars to Sagittarius

January 11: Uranus stations direct

January 11: Full Moon / Lunar Eclipse in Cancer

January 13: Saturn conjunct Pluto

January 14: Venus to Pisces

January 17: Mercury to Aquarius

January 21: Sun to Aquarius

January 25: New Moon in Aquarius [Chinese New Year]


Jupiter’s change into Capricorn, does kick off the year of 2020. There is only one way to look at this; Controlled Expansion.

Jupiter entered Capricorn on December 3, but it is not until January that he really forms a tight stellium with Saturn, Pluto and South Node. This Capricorn flavoured pileup of planets has been a big significator for 2019, but now it is here and it is real!

Jupiter has a twelve-year cycle - spending about 12 months in each sign - and December 3 sees Jupiter making its annual change of sign, moving from Sagittarius into Capricorn, slotting into position alongside Saturn and Pluto. 

Jupiter can make things feel “Over The Top (OTT)” or “too much”. Its expansive energy can exacerbate an already tenuous situation. 

Mercury will also be involved and can potentially make the energy even more amplified, applying the cognitive portion of this particular heavy, intense aspect. Clarity or objectivity will enhance, but what is experienced or felt may perhaps be too much, too intense, and therefore fear and apprehension seeps in.

The month-long Capricorn Sun, will also join the party, emphasising or shining a light on this turning point. It will finally bring to a head or conclusion the topics or points that we have all been diving into for the last 2 years. Saturn will conjunct Pluto on January 13, two days after the lunar eclipse. This will mark the end of the cycle, which asks for acceptance, integration, learning and closure. 

This major collective transit has been simmering since Saturn joined Pluto in Capricorn in December 2017 and has been strongly influencing world affairs throughout 2018 and 2019. It suggests the need for structural transformation at the deepest level in all spheres - the political, economic, social and cultural domains – and is often characterized by fear [of change], conservatism, authoritarianism and the undermining [sabotage] of existing structures as a fear-based reaction.

While it symbolizes the need for transformation of outworn structures and power shifts, it has also been associated with the rise of marginal disenfranchised groups, volatile market forces and power struggles. The use and abuse of power, the rise and fall of empires, deep cultural transformations and major economic shifts are all part of the Saturn Pluto domain.

The major challenge here is for us, personally and collectively, is to take responsibility for our lives and transform / let go of out-dated structures that no longer serve our wholeness. The danger is falling into the Capricorn shadow of anxiety, depression, shame and blame…and becoming either the victim or the tyrant; two sides of the one coin.

Working constructively with the energy requires us to:

✓ Honestly re-evaluate the structures we have created in our lives ✓ Re-structure and transform the structures that no longer serve our true, authentic self (soul, not ego) ✓ Accept modest growth, if necessary being willing to cut back, consolidate and rebuild ✓ Stay grounded, realistic – and not give in to fear and blame …and to be prepared to face our fears about living our truth.


It is certainly a year of change. There is no doubt about that. We all know that we humans need to change the way that we go about our business. However, Capricorn is a stable sign and it is my view that this change is more likely to dawn on us slowly rather than come as a big shock.

But with Mother Earth as the backdrop to all of this transformation, we cannot ignore her current warnings.


January 11 - Uranus makes it station, in preparation for turning direct.

It will be BAU (‘business as usual’) for Uranus, intensifying the restless energy along with the need for change and liberation.  Uranus has spent the last five months retrograde - as it does each year – and as the Great Awakener, symbolizes the urge to revolutionise, break free of limitations and express our individuality. During this period, sit and reflect on any impulsive plans that may emerge, to make sure they are an authentic expression of your true self, not just a reaction to your circumstances and environment.


The Full Moon on 11 January in Cancer - also a Lunar Eclipse –  falls on the day Uranus stations direct, bringing an unpredictable element into play so try not to be reactive if you find yourself in a stressful or highly emotional situation. 

While the Eclipse falls in Cancer, it is opposite the big Capricorn stellium, highlighting, issues around how we balance: our private and public lives, nurturing and accomplishment and family and career. The Capricorn / Saturn theme emphasizes the need to balance feeling, intuition and emotion [Moon in Cancer] with earthy pragmatism. Saturn and Capricorn can also create a more sombre and serious mood that can lead to melancholy, especially if we are resisting taking responsibility. Beware that Saturn can activate our inner critic and perhaps apply a harsh strictness that can paralyse our emotional and feeling-based self-development work.

Lunar eclipses tend to be more emotional and internal than solar eclipses. They stir up whatever is simmering in our subconscious and invite us to reflect and see things from a more purposeful perspective. Sometimes this may lead to the desire to act, but more often they are potent times for insight and illumination.  


With the Capricorn stellium opposite the Moon it is a potent time to:

❖ Honour our private lives, feelings and emotional security needs❖ Be more inclusive, less restricted or limited, lower defences or boundaries that are too tight❖ Review emotional attachments; particularly parenting❖ Explore patterns around co-dependency, playing the martyr and the victim❖ Reflect on what home and belonging means for us


The New Moon in Aquarius on January 25 is the marker for Chinese New Year, and this year it heralds the Year of the Rat. Chinese New Year is traditionally time to honour the ancestors and let go of the past year, while giving thanks for safe passage to this time of new beginnings. It is also a time to ask for blessings for the year ahead. For those of you who have not set your intentions for the 2020, this New Moon can provide another opportunity to clear your clutter – physically, emotionally and mentally – and reflect on what you need to embrace to move forward in your life.


Calendar planning for 2020

 Lunar Living -

If you know a little bit about astrology and can read your own birth chart, the Lunar cycle is a great way to understand how each month could be for you. 

I like to know when the Moon will transit my 12th house. This happens every month for about 2 – 3 days. Past experience has shown me that I prefer to be alone, or working privately then, and that my energy levels can be a bit low.

I think of this monthly 2 – 3 day window as processing time.Reflection, rest and intention setting. 


The Solar Spotlight -

The second cycle I consider when planning my year, is theSun.

While the Moon spends just 2 – 3 days in each sign, the Sun spends about 4 weeks in each Zodiac sign. This means the Sun is also in each of your houses for about a month at a time.

Since the Sun lights up each house as it passes through, this can help you enhance or focus on the topics regarding thatarea of life.

Using the Cross of Matter; self, home/family, relationships and career - you can imagine how helpful it is to know when the Sun is in your 1st house of identity and self, 4th house of family/home, 7th house of relationships and 10th house of career each year. This can be a wonderful time to focus on these particular areas of your life. 

The 12th house tends to be less active and vital, so when the Sun moves through this part of my chart, I try to reduce my schedule and take more time for self-care, rest and reflection.


If you would like an astrology reading in 2020, please contact me at victoria@whoamiastrology.com

We can look at what the universe has in store for you for 2020. You will be amazed at how personalised and accurate an astrology reading can be.



About The Author

Victoria Davis

Victoria is a Professional and Consulting Astrologer, and runs her own business Who Am I Astrology, offering personal readings, consultations, workshops and decorative framed birth charts. Taking the guesswork out of astrology and making it accessible for everyone, Victoria focuses on person-centred, free-will, Western/modern astrology. Victoria is most interested in exploring who you are at a practical, spiritual and soul level, in accordance with your universal fingerprint; the individual natal or birth chart.